About Us

POWERFUL MIND Ltd. has emerged as a combination of passion for traveling and fascination with arts, crafts, and luxury goods from the farthest corners of the world.

Our experience and knowledge of trends allows us to connect creative artists with a demanding clientele. Moreover, we attach great importance to the quality and attractive design of products on our offer, inspired by nature and modern patterns.
Our activity is focused mainly on designing and promoting European jewelry, our pride and joy being the greatest treasure of the Baltic Sea, that is amber.

Even ancient wizards and physicians believed that amber contained extraordinary powers enchanted in it to protect its owner from evil energy, and that jewelry and objects made of amber added strength and found application in treating rheumatic and thyroid ailments.

"Thanks to Powerful Mind, the power of Baltic, Dominican and Burmese amber can be within your reach".


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We design and create gold, silver, amber and gemstone jewelry, materials for which we find during our distant journeys. The confirmation of our qualifications is Journeyman Exam No. 953/96 taken at the Katowice Chamber of Crafts, Concession No. 28/M/94, reg. no. 6188 of September 9, 1999 issued by the Minister of Economy, and membership of the Polish Gemmological Association.
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We pass our passion and ability to create jewelry on to our customers through cooperation with graduates of art schools, in this way setting new trends in the jewelry industry, especially in amber jewelry. Our specialty is the laborious and somewhat forgotten watermarking technique, which consists in creating patterns of thin wires forming openwork lace.
Designs from our studio take part in various exhibitions and contests, including the Amberif Design Award. We share our knowledge, passion and experience also by training young students of jewelry schools and participating in international exhibitions and fairs—the “Amberif” International Amber Fair, the Jewelry and Gemstone Fair in Gdańsk, and the “Jubinale” Jewelry Trends Fair in Cracow.
Our Jewellery Tools
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However, Powerful Mind is not just jewelry—it is the power of our minds, experiences, and knowledge gained over the past years. Under our wings, we have a variety of business and non-commercial projects, which have succeeded not only in the jewelry industry, but also in the field of music, events, and advertising.
The most important include the creation and organization of the OFF Festival promoting widely-understood alternative music, and management of the record label Giant Records, which discovered and promoted one of the most popular Polish rap groups, Paktofonika.


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We also work for those in need. Voluntary work has always been important in our lives; therefore, we engage in various aid efforts in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Moreover, we educate people and companies about the necessity of helping poorer countries and communities.
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Among our priorities, the following can be enumerated: an aid project aimed at farmers and their children in the provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan in China, organization of periodic free emotional painting workshops for children and youth in Poland, Cambodia, China, and Laos, the International Volunteering Fair in Poland, and cooperation with non-governmental organizations in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
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Since 2014 we have also cooperated with the Consulate General of Poland in Guangzhou, where we donate jewelry to charity.

We are always open to new projects and cooperation with people who like us wish to develop and effectively help others.