Privacy Policy


  1. This very Privacy Policy specifies the rules of protection of confidential information of the Users, including their personal data, by an administrator of these data, that is the Shop Operator: Powerful Mind Limited, registered at Unit 2106B, 21/F., Nanyang Plaza, 57 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, later referred to as the Seller.
  2. To the needs of interpretation of this very document definitions contained in Terms and Conditions of the Shop are used.
  3. The Seller operating the online shop makes every effort in order to protect the Users’ rights, especially within privacy policy and protection of information given to the Seller and related to the Users. This information (including personal data of the Users) is suitably protected and internet forms used for transferring this information are secured and therefore, the process of data transfer is encrypted. During the User data processing the Seller pays special attention to protecting the data from being made available for anyone unauthorized, being used, processed with breach of the regulations in force as well as being changed, lost, damaged or destroyed.
  4. Since the User gives their personal data at the Shop voluntarily, the User can at every moment ask the Seller to remove the given personal data from the Seller’s database.

  1. While using the online Shop, the User may be asked to give their personal data, especially: during registration at the Shop (contact and shipment details), while expressing a desire to receive the newsletter from the Seller (e-mail address) as well as while placing an order (contact and shipment details).
  2. Personal data of the Users are used only for the purposes specified in the Terms and Conditions of the Shop, that is for the need of providing services by the Seller, as well as for marketing purposes connected with the functioning of the Seller’s business activity, including the Shop, and connected with the services and items presented at the Shop.
  3. In case of personal data of the Users that are natural persons and give their data in the form on the Shop’s website, the person collecting these personal data is the POWERFUL MIND LIMITED..
  4. In case of the Users that are natural persons and use the "eBay", “Taobao” online service, their personal data are given to the Seller by the "eBay", “Taobao” online service for the need of providing services as well as for all the other purposes specified above and in the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Personal data of the Buyers, indispensable to realizing the orders, are given to the entities delivering the purchased items (courier companies, postal operators, etc.) for the purpose of delivering the item/service to the Buyer.

  1. The users can receive commercial information from the Seller in the form of mailing. This can include, for example, information about special or new offers at the Shop.
  2. The User can at any moment cancel their agreement to receive commercial information by clicking on the link contained in the message sent by mail.
  3. The Seller makes every effort to ensure that the messages mailed to the Users are not sent more often than it is necessary and that they do not overburden the User’s mail box.

  1. If the newsletter service is available at the shop, Users who are not Buyers can use this service by filling out a newsletter subscription form available at the Shop website and granting their consent to reception of commercial information.
  2. Should one resign from the newsletter, they can do so by filling out the form of subscription to the newsletter on the Shop’s websites as well as by clicking on the link contained in the sent message (newsletter).

  1. In order to operate transactions at the Shop the Seller uses cookies. The Seller assures that cookies do not store any information making it possible to identify a specific person. The user can at any time disable cookies in their internet browser, however, this may make using the Shop difficult.